Welcome! Please visit regularly to keep up with classroom news!

Welcome! Please visit regularly to keep up with classroom news!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gingerbread Houses!

On Monday, December 19, we had a great time creating gingerbread houses!  Thanks to Paula Angstead, Elisa Kretz, Summer Lisk, and Lori Schaefer-Weaton for helping.  It still smells like frosting in here!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!  For those who are traveling,  I wish for good weather and a safe trip.  Enjoy the holidays with your children, family and friends!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Exploring Science Through Fun and Games!

Over the past few days we have learned a lot of new concepts in science.  To help in our exploration of this new information, we've had a lot of fun with an experiment and a game.

We explored the effects of wind and water erosion on sand, soil, and rocks.  The students discovered that sand was the most impacted by wind and water erosion.  Ask your child to explain our experiment.

We went on an "Incredible Journey" to discover how a water molecule moves on Earth.  The students began at a station such as "lake", then rolled a dice to see where the water molecule would travel to next.  Some found that they were trapped in the same place for a long time, just like water in real life.  Ask your child about this fun game.

We've been exploring, playing, and moving to make science more accessible, interesting, and fun!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Congratulations Skylar!

At an assembly held on December 5, Skylar Halley received a character award for Habit 3 "Put First Things First" from the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  Skylar's certificate read,

Skylar Halley is a great example of Habit 3 “Put First Things First”.  He is focused during class, puts forth his best effort on all assignments, and participates in class discussions.  I can count on Skylar to have his homework completed and returned in a timely manner.  He works well with his peers helping them stay on task during partner and group work.  Skylar understands the value of “work first, then play”.

Congratulations Skylar!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Practice makes perfect!  It's an old cliche, but when it comes to memorization of multiplication facts - it's true!  A couple weeks ago, students brought home fact triangles.  I hope you are still using those on a regular basis.  A little practice every day aids in memory.  You wouldn't let your child show up for the recital or ball game without attending the practices.  The same holds true for math class.  If you want to get better at math, you have to put in the time practicing.  Encourage your child to work on memorizing the basic facts of multiplication.  Practice makes perfect!